Sunday, June 27, 2010

Un Semana en Puerto Viejo

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Sam and I have been in Puerto Viejo for a week and the time has flown by.

In the mornings we are working at Veronica's Place, a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar right in the center of town. Work is varied and at times slow but I'm enjoying it quite a bit. The restaurant owns a farm as well and we've gone twice this week to plant pineapple. The soil here is very wet and clay-like so it is hard for them to grow everything but we were able to bring back a bounty of sugarcane, yucca, breadfruit, plantains, bananas and pineapple to the restaurant.

We have spent our afternoons biking along the coast trying to find the best spots to swim. The spot closest to our house turns our to be our favorite. The reef makes it so there is a natural pool of calm warm water about 8 inches deep. Swimming, reading, drinking coconut milk, its really a nice thing we've got going on here. Sam's even found some people to play music with. On Friday night he joined up with a rock coverband at the local hostel which was quite a scene.

There are a lot of tourists here and we've been making friends here and there. It's a small enough town that we keep bumping into people again which is a nice feeling. On one of our first nights out we were talking to the guitarist in one of the bands because we overheard him say he moved to Costa Rica from SF after talking to him for a while he says: "you guys don't happen to know about a place called 111 Minna do you?"...which happens to be one of my dads favorite hangs and it turns out he knows my family!! SMALL WORLD.

Yesterday we had the entire day off and we biked to Manzanillo and back which was about 26k. It was hot and beautiful each beach more perfect than the last. We got back to Puerto Viejo around 5 tired and hungry. We got a snack at a 2nd story restaurant and watched the Saturday night scene to unfold around us.

We were up again early this morning grabed some coffee on our way to the restaurant (the one downside of the restaurant is they don't have very good coffee which seems like a crime in costa rica where we've had fabulous coffee everywhere else) only to be told that I have to work the afternoon shift today while sam works the morning. So I'm flying solo for the morning with no plan, I might go shopping...who knows. I put some more photos up on the photostream and maybe sam can put even more up later...we'll see.

hasta luego amigos,

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  1. You guys look so healthy and beautiful. We miss you.