Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting Ready to Go

Hi All--

Sam and I are still in NYC getting ready for our big trip. We just finished a tiring two-day Book Expo Extravaganza. We sold books, talked about books, looked at new books and met some lovely people at Lonely Planet where we got a Costa Rican Spanish phrasebook! It was really fun to spend some time with Ron and Colin and other Last Gaspers on this Coast before we head even further away...

We are taking off on the 3rd of June which is in less than a week! Our first stop will be the foundation for sustainable living , an organic coffee plantation in the mountains just North of San Jose. We don't know exactly what to expect but we are excited for the adventure! We will try to update the blog as frequently as possible...please leave us comments and email us whenever you wish!

Lots of love,
Claire and Sam